Fertility services in Canberra

Personalized care

Our children mean the world to us. 
There is nothing more fulfilling in life than becoming a parent. Unfortunately, many people experience trouble with fertility and pregnancy. Don’t let these small bumps discourage you from becoming a parent.
We specialise in fertility services and offer a wide range of solutions including:

• In vitro fertilisation
• Frozen embryo cycle
• Intrauterine insemination
• Ovulation tracking
• Fertility preservation
Our team is focused on providing each patient with the best care available at an affordable price.
Dr Tam practices at Compass Fertility, a centre which boasts a high fertility success rate. How successful? Compass Fertility’s rates are among the best in the country across all age groups. 
The secret to Dr Tam’s success is personalised care and treatment for each and every patient.
We stay up-to-date with the latest findings and procedures to ensure our patients receive quality care and have the best chance of conception.
Don’t let your dreams of becoming a parent pass you by. Difficulty conceiving does not mean you’ve reached a dead end. Give us a call and see what Dr Tam can do to help you with a precious addition to your family.

Gentle and caring help with fertility

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