Experienced Obstetrician in Canberra

High-risk or uncomplicated pregnancies

Pregnant woman visiting her obstetrician in Canberra
Dr Sim Hom Tam is a dedicated obstetrician who will care for you and your baby in the safest way possible, from conception to delivery and postnatal. Dr Tam can manage both uncomplicated and high-risk pregnancies and deliveries, including women with pre-existing medical conditions such as IVF pregnancies, and complications that developed during pregnancy. Dr Tam is very experienced in all aspects of pregnancy and childbirth and will endeavour to accommodate your birth plan whilst keeping you fully informed of risks.
Having a young family of his own allows him to understand the challenges that each new parent faces and helps him provide a professional and yet personalised service to each individual patient.
Dr Tam usually sees his obstetrics patients at around 10 weeks after the initial tests from your general practitioner. However, this can be changed according to your history or condition. Naturally, he prefers to see you earlier if you have a high-risk pregnancy.
Following that, the subsequent obstetrics visits are usually conducted at Bruce on Monday and Tuesday mornings. He is assisted by 3 very capable midwives with years of experience across several continents.

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